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World class energy efficiency and eco-friendliness

Think bigger! CLKĄ¯s energy efficient technology supports cleaner environment. Our eco-sustainable system drastically reduces carbon dioxide emission and operating cost.

  Inverter Hybrid Boiler System
30AWH-025Q Technical Documentation
  Turbo Chiller   Screw Chiller
  Air Cooled Chiller   Absorption Chiller   Air Handling Unit
  Roof Unit   Fancoil Uint   Ice Thermal Storage System
  Temperature Chamber   Cooling Tower   Building Automation System
  Train Cooler    
  Centrifugal Chiller
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  Scroll Chiller Downloadable Catalogue   AHU(Air-Handling Unit)

  Absorption Chiller Downloadable Catalogue
  Screw Chiller
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  Cooling Tower
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  FCU (Fan Coil Unit)
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  Heat Exchanger
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